Automatic watering systems for potted plants

Automatic watering systems for potted plants

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  • Maintains all lawn areas, including fertilizing, watering, weeding, raking, reseeding, and mowing.
  • Trims, cuts, fertilizes, plants, and replants all hedges, bushes, potted plants and trees.
  • Maintains green areas in parking lots; waters, trims, rakes, and mows, etc. Removes any trash in and around green areas.
  • Performs routine maintenance on watering systems including hoses, sprinklers, drip and drainage.
  • Mixes and sprays or spreads fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, or trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders. Coordinates and instructs groundskeepers to properly use and apply
  • Attends staff meetings and other trainings to maintain a current knowledge of technical and landscaping innovations and applications
  • Conducts safety & compliance training of staff
  • Operates power lawn mowers, edgers, hand tools, and other machinery used in ground maintenance and landscaping activities.
  • Performs minor maintenance and repair on equipment and tools as required.
  • Maintains records of all grounds maintenance such as fertilization, replanting, tree trimming.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in application of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides used in grounds care and gardening

Skills/Qualifications: Excellent written and verbal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, multi-tasking, facilities maintenance trade knowledge.

Education/Experience: High school degree AND two (2) years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Lead or supervisory experience of others with resort or commercial landscaping maintenance. Experience with landscaping irrigation systems installation & maintenance. Horticultural & plant science degree including a pesticide application & certification preferred but not required. Ability to train others with procedures & practices. Conducting Trainings i.e. safety, procedures, JSA, OSHA, etc.

Military Installation Access:


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Effectively waters your potted plants indoors or outdoors.

Water your plants indoors or outdoors

Whether your potted plants are indoors or outdoors, the Idris watering system will effectively deliver just the right amount of water to your plants.

The tank designed for the Idris is not only attractive; it also maximizes the convenience of this new watering system. The tank can be filled through the top opening, without being removed from the Pot, and the special graduated scale clearly shows your water level.

Idris delivers just the right amount of water

Idris includes four differently colored and easily identifiable drippers, you can select exactly the right amount of water for the growth and well being of your plants.

This unique watering system also includes an adjustable tripod ensuring perfect stability and four threaded connectors to fit any type of standard plastic drinks bottle.

Made completely of plastic, Idris will be unaffected by limescale and last for ever. A technologically advanced product embracing Claber research and experience, scientifically tested and 100% reliable!


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