Automatic watering systems for hanging baskets

Automatic watering systems for hanging baskets

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For a slightly more sophisticated solution, a drip irrigation system can be adapted to suit any size of garden. It involves a series of pipes and mini-sprinklers, or drippers, placed directly beneath your plants to ensure water gets right where it is needed when you turn on the tap. It is ideal for container plants, but useful anywhere you water.

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You can enjoy your holiday knowing that your plants will be watered regularly while you are away. And because automatic drip systems use 90 per cent less water than handheld watering, they are also great for the environment

Just before you go, give your plants a good, thorough water. Make sure all container plants are standing on saucers. These will collect water after watering or rain, giving them an extra source of hydration.

Move all your container plants into the shade so they do not dry out too quickly in the sun, and group them closely together – they will help shade each other and produce humidity, which will keep the soil moist for longer.

And if you are still worried about watering, try this simple trick, which uses capillary action to water your container plants.

First, make a wick from a strip of cloth, then leave one end in a bucket full of water and the other end in the soil of a container. The water will wick from the bucket into the soil and water your plants.

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Drip Irrigation Systems for Hanging Baskets


These tiny units literally drip-feed individual plants and use a minimal quantity of water, yet every plant is kept perfectly nourished. Drippers are fed via a 3.6 mm i/d Microbore Feed Pipe which can be easily hidden. The Dripper Kit (shown left) contains all the equipment you need to irrigate up to 10 average size hanging baskets, large pots, tubs, window boxes etc. For 'fit and forget' irrigation use a timer - see Battery Controller. This ensures watering even when you are away on holiday.

A common misconception with hanging baskets irrigation is that water must appear out the bottom of a basket before enough is replenished. The truth is that this water draining out the basket simply wastes water whilst washing away all the valuable nutrients from the soil. Hanging baskets benefit immeasurably from receiving regular doses of water, but do not appreciate flooding. With a timer controlled irrigation system you can accurately control the amount of water your baskets receive. Once set up it will deliver the same amount of water every time. No more over or indeed under watering.


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We sell a wide range of automatic watering solutions suitable for a number of watering tasks. Automatic watering takes the chore out of watering your garden or patio, giving you more time to enjoy your beloved garden. It is also the ideal for watering your plants whilst you are away.


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