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Live Classes

Our live online classes with English-speaking teachers are just like being in a real classroom, but you’ll be learning from the comfort of your home or office. You can raise your hand to ask a question, make comments, and interact with your teacher and fellow students.

Classes are grouped according to the students’ level of comprehension so that teachers can provide more personalized attention, and so that you’ll be studying with other students who are at your same level. During class, you can talk about practical topics and current events in a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere conducive to practicing your English conversation.

Source: http://www.openenglish.com/en/course/

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Beginning and Intermediate English Courses

USA Learns has three English courses to help you learn beginning and intermediate English. The courses include videos and interactive learning activities to help you practice and improve your English skills in listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, reading, writing, speaking and life skills.

English courses

Source: http://www.usalearns.org/free-online-english-courses

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